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The ability to be both, micro and macro simultaneously, is extremely important for entrepreneurs.
One must have a well rounded understanding of all aspects of their business. When managing a million dollar business, being extremely sure about implications of every decision is of paramount importance. People are an entrepreneur's biggest resource.

We built Metropolis on the founding principles of Accuracy, Integrity and Empathy.

Accuracy and performance oriented processes are absolutely essential, regardless of the business.

Since Integrity has become arbitrary these days, there is a need to build emotional quotient and integrity in an organisation for better outcomes

Empathy is a subject that has traditionally been given less emphasis. Being emotional is not negative; it is about ensuring that you channel those emotions to become stronger. Emotions are the driving force for any business.
Ameera Shah


Your Startup's First Store

inStore is a window that helps startups like you to display and demonstrate your products to investors and influencers
Get it right before you hit the road.
Valuable reviews by influencers.
Let your product lead the pitch.
Catch the eyeballs of thousands of investors in the community.

Follow 3 simple steps

Display your product
Reach out to investors and influencers.
Get Early Adopters
We use smart tools to get your products to the right investors and influencers.
Get Reviewed
Get your product reviewed on Quality, Delivery, Service, Price by experts before you scale.

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Amit Jain
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Douglas Peris
Serial Entrepreneur with deep rooted investor relationships across South East Asia
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Murlidhar S (Advisor)
Serial Entrepreneur
Sold last company for $50M
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